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Other Animal Pens

  • There are 3 Animal Pens you can purchase in the Store.
  • The Pen will hold any animals except Dragons, can be purchased with coins, holds 4 animals but takes up the same amount of ground space as the Large Pen
    • You can own up to 5 Pens
  • The Large Pen is the best value, It is purchased with Rubies but it is arguably one of the best items you can spend Rubies on in the game. It holds 8 Animals.
    • You can own an unlimited amount of Large Pens, so keep an eye out for the popup sales that offer a great discount!
  • Dragon Pens are purchased for Rubies, hold 1 Animal, are 4x4 in size and are a great way to show off your most special animals! They are also the only Pen that can hold Dragons. Hence the name!
    • Since they are the only pen you can place Dragons in, the developers were kind enough to give them as quest rewards for the Dragon Quests - a total of 4 are given - one for each dragon type except Azure - (See Details here > Time for Dragons)
Name Build Req's
Animal pen