Quests: "So Much Fun! & "Fall Festival" will have their timers extended by 36h due to all the reload errors this past weekend!

Tips can be found here: Charm Farm News
Including Tips for New Adventure: Happy Zoo!


  • To receive the next Helping Shmooxy quest, you must upgrade your Shmooxy Tent
  • Shmoo Tamer, Juggler & Magician, Shell Game Shmoo & Store on Wheels must be left on your land, do not sell or store them or they will no longer count toward the "So Much Fun!" quest
  • Also - Shmoo Tamer, Juggler and Magician can drop randomly from the Circus Tent, if you have one from the old Circus Event, craft the Circus Gifts to try for the buildings from those. They will count toward the quest once placed on your land and constructed. You can have any combination of the 5 minis to count toward the quest. It does not have to be one of each.
  • Drops will continue until the timer expires even if you complete all quests

Animals you will need for Quest: Helping Shmooxy:

  • 1/5 - Sell (10) Adult Pigflies
  • 2/5 - Sell (10) Adult Bullys
  • 4/5 - Sell (4) Adult Big-eared Buns
  • 5/5 - Sell (4) Birds of Happiness

Where to Find Items:

  • Battery: Sell Light Bulb Cat
  • Bulbs: Harvest Crop - "Light Bulb Bush"
  • Empty Boxes: Laboratory Pg. 3/6
  • Light Bulb Bush: 5 min Crop
  • Light Bulb Cat: Crafted in Wonder Workshop
  • Prize Ticket Decorations: Purchased from Store > Featured Goods tab
Store on Wheels
Shell Game Shmoo
Shmoo Juggler
Shmoo Magician
Shmoo Tamer
  • Prize Tickets:
*Note: Prize Tickets can be crafted in the Wonder Workshop and from collecting Shmooxy's Tent:
-Collect yourself = 1 ticket
-Enchanting = +1 additional ticket
-Accepting Neighbors help = +1 for level 1 & 2 Tents
-Accepting Neighbors help = +2 for level 3, 4 & 5 Tents.
  • Scintillating Sorcery: Crafted in Wonder Workshop - Spell that drops "Sparks" - does not increase payout or reduce timers on buildings
  • Seedlings: Laboratory Pg. 4/6
  • Shmooxy Tent: Purchased from Store > Featured Goods tab
  • Sparks: Drops when casting "Scintillating Sorcery" spell

PTItems Purchased with Prize TicketsPT

In the Store > Featured Goods tab, there are many items you can purchase with Prize Tickets.
Most are just adorable decorations that will give you Magic Experience points
when you place them, but a few will start mini-quests when placed.

Click a Picture to Visit the Quest Details Page

Most people will have an idea of what they want to purchase from the Featured Goods tab in the Store, but for those who don't, we have compiled a list of all the items and provided a comparison between the "Large" version of Resource Buildings and their normal counterpart. The "Buildings" portion of this table is listed beginning with most useful.

Autumn Event Featured Goods
Mini Decorations
Name Price Production Req's Payout Timer
Shell Game Shmoo 149PT 1 Shmoo, 15c, 120m

Gives: 50xp

  • Collecting will give you 1 random item from this list: Kaya’s Amulet collection item, Mining collection item, Gemstones collection item, Hammer, Shovel, Saw, Nails, Magic Dust, Grapevine, Frog, Bones, Seasonal Spells, Package, Box or Magic Experience.
Store on Wheels 119PT 1 Shmoo, 120m 220c, 50xp 2h
Shmoo Tamer 99PT 1 Shmoo, 120m,
2 Happy Potions
75c, 50xp 45m
Shmoo Magician 99PT 1 Shmoo, 120m,
2 Happy Potions
75c, 50xp 45m
Shmoo Juggler 99PT 1 Shmoo, 120m,
2 Happy Potions
75c, 50xp 45m
Name Price Feed Requirements Timer Sells
Cozy Bun 25 PT 50m every 2h 45c, 5xp 700c
Blue Sheep 10 PT 75m
Holly Berry x2
every 30min
75c, 4xp 1000c
Chicks 10 PT

40m +1Seed
every 20mins

30c, 1xp 500c
Bub 5 PT 1 Frog +30 mana
every 25min
25c, 3xp
Clownala 10 PT 1 Agaric Mushroom +30 mana
every 10min
15c, 3xp
Name Price Production Req's Misc
Sturdy House 169 PT Gives +1 Shmoo The more Shmoos you have on your land, the more tasks you can accomplish in less time. If you can afford the cost, I highly recommend it.
Large Woodlot 49 PT Costs: 2 Shmoos +160 mana
Gives: 160Lumber
every 2h

The Large Woodlot is one of the best items you can purchase in game. Everything requires lumber! And - this gives as much lumber as 2 Level 4 Woodlots. But uses half the Shmoos and half the space.

  • L4 Woodlot = 80 lumber, uses 2 Shmoos
  • Large Woodlot = 160 lumber, uses 2 Shmoos
Large Pen 29 PT Holds 8 Animals This is a great purchase and price! It takes up the same amount of space as the regular animal pen for coins, but holds twice as many animals.
Large Lumber Mill 49 PT

Cost: 2 Shmoos 500 Lumber /mana

Gives: 20 Planks +3Poles every 8h


  • L4 Lumber Mill: Costs 900L/mana, 1Shmoos, gives 8 Planks +3Poles
  • Large Lumber Mill: Costs 500L/mana, 2Shmoo, gives 20 Planks +3Poles

This requires 1 more Shmoo to run but you save a ton of lumber each time! This is a great purchase too

Large Mine 49 PT

Cost: 1 Shmoo, 800m

Gives: 200 Rocks +2 Precious Stones
every 3h


  • L4 Mine: 1Shmoo, 900m = 90 Rocks +2 Precious Stones @2h
  • Large Mine: 1 Shmoo, 800m = 200 Rocks, +2 Precious Stones @3h

While it gives more Rocks, they are not as useful as Lumber; the timer is an hour longer and you get the same amount of PStones with no greater chance of Copper Nuggets dropping. It's useful but I would prioritize other buildings first

Large Library 149 PT Cost: 1 Shmoo, 300mana, 3 Books Gives: 3 Knowledge, 80xp
every 24h


  • Library: 1 Shmoo, 200m, 3Books, 24h = 1 Knowledge +1xp
  • Large Library: 1 Shmoo, 300m, 3Books = 3 Knowledge, 80xp

Since most of us get our Knowledge by clicking neighbors Large Libraries the extra knowledge drop is not that significant. The main reason to have a Large Library is to provide a source of free Knowledge for your Neighbors. For this reason, it falls last on the list here.

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