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Beautify 1/4

  • Place (10) Mysterious Fence
  • Buy & Place (3) Mysterous Lanterns
  • Purchase (2) Mysterious Benches
  • Note: Previously purchased will count toward the quest (Place from inventory)

Beautify 2/4

  • Collect (5) times from your Shmoocula Castle
  • Purchase (4) Mystical Trio (Those already placed will count)
  • Buy & Place (2) Candle Holders (Those already placed will count)

Beautify 3/4

  • Clear (50) Puddles and Autumn Leaves from your land
  • Buy (2) Stuffed Pigflies  (Those already placed will count)
  • Place (3) Pumpkin Cats or Kittys  (Those already placed will count)

Beautify 4/4

  • Raise and sell (10) Adult Zombie Animals
  • Buy (2) Stuffed Llamalas (Those already placed will count)
  • Have a Mysterious Tree on your land

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