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This quest line will show up automatically when you reach Experience Level 30

Quest Requirements have been decreased significantly!

Beyond the Mists 1/3

  • Craft any (20) Trovants in your Greenhouse
    (Enchanting will increase the drops but you still have to run the Greenhosue 20x)
  • Craft (2) Firewater in your Brewery
    (Enchanting will increase drops and count toward the quest objective)
  • Water (8) withered Crops at your neighbors
  • Note: Clicking the "Show" button on this quest objective, while at neighbors, will take you right to the withered crops or tell you if they don't have any, this can save a lot of time looking around for them. Also - Kaya has withered crops too!

Beyond the Mists 2/3

  • Craft (2) Magic Wands in your Laboratory
  • Craft (12) Green Essence in your Dragon Nursery
  • Accept Neighbors help feeding any Dragons (6) times

Beyond the Mists 3/3

  • Collect your own Shops, Taverns and Weird Shops (18) times (Don't accept Neighbor help on this or it won't count)
  • Sell (1) Amber Dragons
  • Sell (2) Living Water at YOUR Market (Not neighbors!!)

An Whole New World

  • Open the Land Expansion
  • Finish construction on the new Sturdy House
  • Enchant your Sturdy House (8) times