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Bird of Happiness
Available Magic Level 6
Adult Lvl Level 10
Eats 25 mana
Lvl 10 Harvest 30c, 1xp, 1 magic xp
Feed Timer 4 hours
Adult Sell Price 500c
Misc Info Neighbors birds give 1 magic xp when clicked
  • The Bird of Happiness can be placed in any Animal Pens
  • It is good to leave a pen of these animals on your land when you are trying to level up your Magic XP, Neighbors will like collecting them for the Magic XP also
  • Birds of Happiness, like all other animals, give Horns & Hooves that can be sold at Neighbors Markets for some extra coins, since they are currently not used for anything
  • I like to leave a pen of adult Birds on my land in case they are used in Timed Quests that ask you to sell x amount of Adult Birds, this way they are ready to be sold and won't take many hours (or days) to level up

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