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Black Goose
Adult Lvl Level 10
Eats 20 mana
Lvl 10 Harvest 20c, 3xp
Feed Timer 25 minutes
Adult Sell Price Feather x2
Misc Info Crafted Quest Animal
  • Black Goose can be placed in any Animal Pens
  • This animal is used in MANY past Timed Event Quests, in fact it has been used so often, it's pretty well dreaded these days!
  • The Black Goose gives Feathers x2 that are usually given to Kaya to fulfill a quest objective.
  • Black Goose is usually crafted in the Wonder Workshop and sometimes the Laboratory. Once the timed quest requiring the goose has expired, the goose is removed from the craft building, until it's needed for another TQ.
  • The Recipe for crafting the Black Goose can vary, it usually requires some current quest related item
  • The Black Goose, White Goose and Sun Chick are usually seen together as a trio, all 3 give the same item - Feathers: White Goose gives 1, Black Goose gives 2 and Sun Chick gives 3 feathers when sold.


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