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Blizzard in a Globe 1/3

  • Get (4) Ink from Witch's Hut or as a Gift
  • Sell (6) Adult Pigflies (The text is wrong - follow the picture)
  • Collect from your Blizzard in a Globe (2) times

Blizzard in a Globe 2/3

  • Enchant the Blizzard Globe (4) times
  • Craft (3) Strange Compound in your Laboratory (Text is wrong on Quest)
  • Send (10) Gifts to Neighbors It should say: Visit Neighbors and dig up winter ground spawn (puddles, snowy stuffs)

Blizzard in a Globe 3/3

  • Accept Neighbors help collecting your Blizzard in a Globe (3) times
  • Craft (5) bricks CARPENTERS KITS! in your Laboratory(text is wrong again!)
  • Harvest (5) Thoughtful Aconite on your land