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  • You will get a sale for Druse at the beginning of this quest line

Bring in the New! 1/4

  • Have (1) Druse of Concentration on your land
  • Collect from your Huts (18) times
  • Harvest (60) Wild Dandelion on your land
    • St. Johns Wort & Lions will not drop during this quest. They will start dropping again with 2/4
During Quest 1/4 Lions & Wort will no longer drop until you reach 2/4

Bring in the New! 2/4

  • Craft (55) Elixir of Bravery in the Wonder Workshop (These yeild 3 at a time)
  • Sell (1) Druse of Concentration
  • Feed your own Blooming Lions (78) times
Completion of 2/4 Triggers Quest: Gem of Concentration
See tab above for details

Bring in the New! 3/4

Bring in the New! 4/4

  • Craft (7) Poison in the Laboratory (These will be removed upon quest completion)
  • Clear (29) Puddles or Rocks from your own land
  • Sell (35) Adult Blooming Lions
Once you complete 4/4 and Gem of Concentration quest, all drops will stop. If you want to farm more Lions and Wort / Fireflies, do not complete both quests, leave at least one objective in one of the quests incomplete


Gem of Concentration

  • Feed your Neighbors Blooming Lions (36) times
  • Accumulate (12) Crystal Shards (Complete this quest objective before crafting with the Crystal Shards or the count will decrease)
  • Craft (24) Energy Concentrate (Kaya will remove these automatically upon quest completion)


  • Gem of Concentration = 24 Energy Concentrates
    • Lions = 120
    • Elixirs = 960 ÷ 3 = 320
    • Frogs = 320
    • Wort = 320
    • Firefly = 1,080
    • 24 Crystal Shards = Sell 1 Druse (required) + 9 Crystals of Concentration

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