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  • You will get a sale for Druse at the beginning of this quest line

Bring in the New! 1/5

  • Have (1) Druse of Concentration on your land
  • Collect from your Huts (25) times
  • Harvest (60) Wild Dandelion on your land
During Quest 1/5 Lions & Wort will no longer drop until you reach 2/5

Bring in the New! 2/5

  • Craft (72) Elixir of Bravery in the Wonder Workshop • Since you get 4 Elixirs with each craft, you actually only need to craft 18 times
  • Sell (1) Druse of Concentration
  • Feed your own Blooming Lions (102) times

Bring in the New! 3/5

  • Craft (5) Scrolls in your Laboratory
  • Clear (20) Ground Spawn from Neighbors land
  • Sell (50) Adult Blooming Lions
Completion of 3/5 Triggers Quest: Gem of Concentration
See tab above for details

Bring in the New! 4/5

  • Collect (3) Paper from yourPaper Workshops • If you enchant you only need to collect 2x - or try to get Paper from Cat Boxes - that might count, though i have no Cat Boxes to confirm at the moment
  • Clear (18) Trees on your own land
  • Harvest (114) Wild Dandelions on your land

Bring in the New! 5/5

  • Sell (20) Nectar at Neighbors Market
  • Craft (10) Books in your Laboratory and click the "Give" to Kaya button (Yuk!)
    • I will NOT be finishing this quest. Look at the reward and decide if you want to give Kaya 10 Books. Completing it is not necessary in order to get the Druse Upgrade. You can get the Gem of Concentration by completing the Gem of Concentration Quest by itself and hang onto those hard to craft Books!
  • Sell (50) Adult Lions
Once you complete 5/5 and Gem of Concentration quest, all drops will stop. If you want to farm more Lions and Wort / Fireflies, do not complete both quests, leave at least one objective in one of the quests incomplete


Gem of Concentration

  • Feed your Neighbors Blooming Lions (40) times
  • Accumulate (12) Crystal Shards (Complete this quest objective before crafting with the Crystal Shards or the count will decrease)
  • Craft (24) Energy Concentrate & Click the "Give" to Kaya button on the quest objective

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