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Available Build Bully Nursery
Adult Lvl Level 10
Eats 10 mana
Lvl 10 Harvest 20c, 1xp
Feed Timer 15 minutes
Adult Sell Price 300c
Inventory Sell Price 15c @ home, 45c @ Neighbors market
Misc Info Collecting Neighbors Bully Nursery will give you 1 Bully
  • Bully's can be purchased from the Store once you build a Bully Nursery, you can collect them from Neighbors nurseries prior to that
  • Bully's can be placed in any Animal Pens
  • Collecting Free Bully's from Neighbors nurseries, growing them to adult and selling them for 300c each is a great way to make coins, but, if you grow tired of constantly searching for Bullys at Neighbors - I used to leave Large Pens of Bullys, collect them every 15 minutes while I was in game and that helped me make a lot of coins + leather and it was easier than trying to collect free Bullys from neighbors constantly + if you are constantly growing Magic Beans to feed the Bullys you can stock up on Seeds & Nectar
  • Bullys, like all other animals, give Horns & Hooves that can be sold at Neighbors Markets for some extra coins, since they are currently not used for anything

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