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Bully Nursery
Unlock Req's Level 17
Production Shmoos 1
Harvest Timer 4 hours
Item Gives 1 Bully
Enchant +1 Bully
Misc Clicking Neighbors nursery will give you +1 Bully

You are first introduced to Animals via the quest: Animal Husbandry 3/3, which asks you to build a Pigfly Nursery.

  • Bully Nurseries are available for purchase at Level 17
  • You will be given a quest: Horns & Hooves 2/3 that asks you to build a Bully Nursery. It will automatically update the objective if you build one prior
  • Nurseries allow you to produce 1 Animal every 4h.
  • Casting an enchantment will give you 2 Animals every 4h
  • Allowing a Neighbor to harvest the Nursery will increase by +1 Animal.
  • Animals will stack so you will not see multiple animals drop when you collect your nursery but multiples will drop if you enchant / have neighbors harvest for you, just check your inventory count before and after to see the increase
  • Note 1: You may also harvest Neighbors Nurseries and receive a free Bully!
    The Animals you produce in your Nursery and harvest from neighbors can be found in your Inventory > Harvest tab.
  • Note 2: There is now a cap on building Nurseries, you may now purchase 1 of each type.
  • If you see neighbors with multiple Nurseries that is because they were allowed to keep any extra Nurseries they purchased prior to this change.
  • Selling Bullies at Neighbors Market = 65c
  • Selling Bully at your own Market = 15c
  • Selling Bully from Pens = 300c

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Build Requirements Production

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