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  1. You can upgrade your Red, black and White Cats, they are no longer quest locked
  2. You can find the “Toy mouse” - "Cat's Bow" and "Chub" in the “Cat Box” crafted in the Wonder Workshop
  3. You can get “Spring Mint” by harvesting “Catnip”
  4. This also means you can continue to get the items you need to begin production on all 3 Cats via the "Cat Boxes"

This is the Quest Page for the White Cat!

Click the tabs above for info about the quest, recipes and construction of the White Cat

Cat of My Dreams 1/7

  • Get (3) "Cats Bow" when collecting Black Cat Level 4
  • Craft (4) Chubby Mouse in the Wonder Workshop
  • Purchase and Place the White Cat on your land

Accepting Neighbors help on L4 Black Cat gives an extra Cats Bow & counts as 2 on the quest 1/7

Cat of My Dreams 2/7

  • Accept Neighbors help on your Black Cat (3) times
  • Sell (5) Adult Happy Fish
  • Craft (2) Gifts for a Cat in the Wonder Workshop
Gifts for a Cat Recipe: 5 Min Timer
(5) Chubby Mouse
(3) Chub
(6) Cats Bow

Cat of My Dreams 3/7

  • Collect from Neighbors Cats while visiting
  • Open (30) Cat Boxes
  • Upgrade your White Cat to Level 2

Cat of My Dreams 4/7

  • Harvest (240) Catnip from your garden
  • Buy (3) Marigolds in a Vase (Store > Decorations tab > 7,500c Each)
  • Craft (4) Gifts for a Cat in the Wonder Workshop

Cat of My Dreams 5/7

  • Sell (24) Adult Bullies
  • Enchant your Red, Black and White Cats (24) times
  • Unpgrade the White Cat to Level 3

Cat of My Dreams 6/7

  • Accept Neighbors help with your Black Cat (15) times
  • Open (75) Cat Boxes
  • Craft (5) Gifts for a Cat in the Wonder Workshop

Cat of My Dreams 7/7

  • Craft (30) Mouse Bouquets
  • Feed your Happy Fish (48) times
  • Upgrade the White Cat to Level 4

All drops stop with the completion of Cat of My Dreams 7/7 - so if you want to farm more Happy Fish or other items that might be useful with the new quest-line that goes live Feb 12th, then don't complete this quest early!

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