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When you complete this Chapter:

  • Ruins and Ground Spawn will no longer give seeds.
  • Gemstone Shoot will continue to drop seeds though

So, if you are wanting to make more Stone Flowers to purchase items in the store, you will be able to even after you finish Chapter 3 but it will be easier if you wait to complete it so you continue to get the drops from alternate sources

Craftsman Gold Paws 1/5

  • Upgrade your Mistress of Copper Mountain to Level 5
  • Clear (36) Puddles and Snowdrops from your land
  • Make (12) Craftsman Inspiration in your Wonder Workshop

Craftsman Gold Paws 2/5

  • Accept (12) Neighbors help with Ruins
  • Sell (12) Bullies
  • Harvest Gemstone Shoots (72) times

Craftsman Gold Paws 3/5

  • Upgrade your Mistress of Copper Mountain to Level 6
  • Collect Neighbors Ruins (72) times
  • Purchase and place (1) Gemstone Tree of your liking

Craftsman Gold Paws 4/5

  • Accept help from Neighbors on your Ruins (18) times
  • Craft (60) Stone Flowers in your Wonder Workshop
  • Enchant (40) Shmoos (Use Seasonal Spells  or the new Craftsman Inspiration spell so your Shmoos are back on task faster)

Craftsman Gold Paws 5/5

  • Craft (95) Stone Flower in your Wonder Workshop
  • Complete and Trade in (1) Gemstones Collection
  • Spend (359) Stone Flowers in the Store

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