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  • These are the Side Quests you will receive during the Easter Event 2017


Hungry Gwonk

  • Craft (1) Speckled Egg in your Artist's Tent
  • Recipe:
    • 120 Mana
    • (1) Magic Dust
    • (3) Fresh Egg
  • Feed the Hungry Gwonk on your land
  • Feed a Hungry Gwonk at your Neighbors


Basket with a Surprise

  • Get (3) Shovels (Can request as gift)
  • Clear (1) "Basket with a Surprise" on your land
  • Clear (1) "Basket with a Surprise" at Neighbors


Holiday Decoration

  • Craft (8) Carpenter's Kits in the Laboratory Kaya will take these automatically from inventory upon quest completion
  • Have (8) Speckled Eggs in Inventory
  • Craft (1) Easter Composition in the Artist's Tent
  • Recipe:
    • (12) Magic Dust
    • (8) Speckled Eggs
    • (3) Chocolate Bunny
    • Timer: 1 hour

WARNING!! If you craft a Cozy Nest prior to getting this quest, the objective to craft one will not update until you make a 2nd Cozy Nest

House for a Pet!


Holds ANY Animals except Nekos & Dragons

  • Craft (8) Seedlings in the Laboratory
  • Have (16) Patterned Eggs in Inventory
  • Craft (1) Cozy Nest in the Artist's Tent
  • Note 1: The Nest must be placed on your land and wait for the Shmoos to finish construction in order for the quest objective to update
  • Note 2: This quest is optional!


Let's Stock up on Cups!

  • Craft (12) Toolboxes in the Laboratory
  • Have (12) Holiday Eggs in Inventory
  • Craft (1) Tea Party in your Artist's Tent

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