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The Easter Event has arrived. Have you got your basket? You have 12 days to complete the set.  Let's get started on collecting those eggs.

For Part 1:
Be careful the quest asks for 3 eggs from your farm and 6 eggs from neighbors' farms. The dug up eggs give you eggs to craft with.

For Part 2:
The recipe in the lab for the Chicks


For Part 3:
Raising chicks takes 40M + 1 seed to feed on a 30 min. timer and they yield eggs. You recieve a Shmooberg Egg statue as a reward.

Hatched chicks

50c + 1xp, sells for 500c


For Part 4:
You will find the Shmooberg Egg in your inventory if you have not already placed it. You need to collect 5 decorated (yellow) eggs (not the spawned Easter eggs, but ones that drop from chicks or Easter eggs)

For Part 5:
You need to collect 5 colored (blue) eggs from anywhere you can find them.
The recipe in the lab for the Exotic Egg

Exotic eggs

For Part 6:
Keep grinding for those eggs! Don't forget to ask for paint from your neighbors. Scroll down to view the build requirements and production times.

Part 7:
The recipe for the Magic Bunny

Magic bunny recipe
Magic bunny

Req. 3 eggs of each kind every 3 hours.

Precious egg

precious eggs drop from magic bunnies

Part 8:
Save your seed gifts instead of accepting them for this quest.

Part 9:
Keep feeding seeds to the chicks!

Part 10:
For upgrade info, scroll down.

Part 12:
Plant the Thistles in advance to save time. The quest requires harvesting not planting.  As long as you are within 24 hours of completing Part 11, you can plant the thistles (12h grow time + 12h wither = 24h window)

DO NOT!! Under ANY Circumstances upgrade the Shmooberg Egg prior to getting Quest 13. If Quest 13 is not active and you upgrade the egg, you will have used up the Precious Eggs needed to update the quest objective in Quest 13/13 and will have to collect 36 Preious eggs all over again in order to complete it. That is one mistake you do NOT want to make!!

Part 13:
I hope you saved up a bunch of spring spells for the shmoo enchantment. For update info, scroll down.
Reward = Sir Fluffodil (animal, must be placed in a pen).  Interesting fact, Sif Fluffodil is actually a player designed creature that the devs adopted for the game!


payout = 75c, 15 xp, req's 1 frog + 90m to feed/3h


Build and Production for the Shmooberg Egg

Reward from Part 3


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