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Helen hoarding the Easter Eggs!


Quest Tips:Edit

  • Lucky Boxes are causing reload errors, don't open any until they sort it out tomorrow, or you can test and see if it's working for you, but it hasn't for many.
  • Easter Eggs share the spawn table with all nature items. So every 45 mins you should get something, it might be weeds, trees or mushrooms but eventually you will get Eggs.
  • Tips to encourage Egg spawns:
  1. Keep some free space!
  2. Get rid of nature items but leave a few eggs lying around to encourage more to spawn
  3. Leave your game idle for an hour, then reload it to hunt for Eggs!
  • Neighbors Eggs will not drop anything for you, nor will it update your quest. they is no reason to click on them at all, they give you 1xp and 1c.
  • Chicks give 1 Egg EVERY time they are fed by you OR your neighbors, the color will be random
  • For the "Eggs and Bunnies" quest, you only need (4) Magic Bunnie total, but the more Chicks you have, the more eggs you can accumulate from feeding them, which helps with crafting the Exotic Eggs. Plus the Chicks sell for 500c each which is a nice boost after the quests are over! (Thanks for the Tip Steph!)

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