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  1. You can upgrade your Red, black and White Cats, they are no longer quest locked
  2. You can find the “Toy mouse” - "Cat's Bow" and "Chub" in the “Cat Box” crafted in the Wonder Workshop
  3. You can get “Spring Mint” by harvesting “Catnip”
  4. This also means you can continue to get the items you need to begin production on all 3 Cats via the "Cat Boxes"

This is the Quest for the Red Cat!

Click the tabs above for info about the quest, recipes and construction of the Red Cat

Feline Valentines 1/7

  • Collect from your Fairy Dwelling (7) times
  • Harvest (7) Catnip (New Crop - 4min timer - gives 24m + Mint Sprig)
  • Chop down (7) Trees on your own land

Feline Valentines 2/7

  • Find (5) Toy Mouse when clearing ground spawn on your own land (can drop from any Ground Spawn)
  • Have a Wonder Workshop
  • Craft (3) Chubby Mouse in the Wonder Workshop
Chubby Mouse Recipe: 1 Min Timer
(8) Lumber
(25) Coins
(1) Toy Mouse

Feline Valentines 3/7

  • Purchase and Place the Red Cat on your Land
  • Craft (2) Mouse Bouquets in the Wonder Workshop
Mouse Bouquet Recipe: 2 Min Timer
(120) Mana
(6) Sprig of Mint
(3) Chubby Mouse
  • Collect from the Red Cat and receive (4) Feline Valentine (Red Cat can be Enchanted with Spells for +1 Feline Valentine)

Feline Valentine 4/7

  • Chop down (15) Trees at Neighbors
  • Craft (12) Chubby Mice in the Wonder Workshop
  • Upgrade Red Cat to Level 2 (See Red Cat Build Info Tab)

Feline Valentine 5/7

  • Harvest (36) Catnip
  • Craft (10) Mouse Bouquets in the Wonder Workshop
  • Upgrade the Red Cat to Level 3 (See Red Cat Build Info tab)

Feline Valentines 6/7

  • Find (5) Grapevines by chopping down Trees, Request from Neighbors or open stacks of Packages
  • Send (5) Gifts to Neighbors
  • Craft (5) Cat Boxes in the Wonder Workshop
Cat Box Recipe: 1 Min Timer
(2) Magic Dust
(1) Grapevine
(3) Sprig of Mint

Feline Valentines 7/7

  • Open (14) Cat Boxes
  • Harvest (70) Catnip in your garden
  • Upgrade Red Cat to Level 4 (See Red Cat Build Info tab)

REMINDER: Once you upgrade your Cat to Level 4 it will no longer drop Feline Valentines used in upgrading each of the Cats - Instead it will drop Happy Fish used in Quest: I Kiss Your Paws!

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