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Chapter 5 = Final Lunge
begins Tuesday, July 4th @ 5pm EDT

For all 3 quests in this final chapter you will spend a total 4,187 FD on Owls and receive a total of 83 Treasure Bags as quest rewards • that makes it well worth the cost of the Owls! (Of course, the amount you spend on Owls will vary if you already had some)

Final Lunge 1/3

  • Buy (7) Shaman Owls from the Store > Featured Goods tab
  • Feed YOUR Owls (48) times
  • Sell (12) Adult Owls
    • Spend: 948 FD
    • Reward: 13 Treasure Bags

You can buy these 16 Owls for 2/3 and 25 Owls for 3/3 Early to start leveling them to Adult
Final Lunge 2/3

  • Craft (12) Strange Compound in your Laboratory
  • Collect from your Hall (4) times
  • Sell (16) Adult Owls
    • Spend: 1264 FD
    • Reward: 26 Treasure Bags

Final Lunge 3/3


Sale at start of 3/3

  • Harvest (48) Thoughtful Aconite
  • Craft (5) Poison in your Laboratory
  • Sell (25) Adult Owls
    • Spend: 1975
    • Reward: 44 Treasure Bags

If you have been hoarding any Small Treasure Bags you can now open those to get more FD! Since none of the last chapter asks you to open them

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