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Finding Items in your forest

From building to crafting to questing, finding materials is a big part of the game. Somethings are common like magic dust while others are much more challanging to obtain.  If rope grew on trees, the entire forest would be in danger.  Hopefully this list will help you locate the items you need or help you plot out what things to click on when visiting your neighbors. If there is something you are looking for that is not on this list, it may be a collections item.  Information about these items can be found by hovering on their picture in the Collections and Achievements area of your game menu.  The locations with random in the description means there is a chance of receiving the item.  Some are very unlikely.


Agaric Mushroom = Gift, Random Mushroom Drop

Bones = Gift, Random Ruins Drop

Clay = Your Quarries, Random Rock Drop

Firewater = Brewery, Random Neighbor's Brewery Drop

Frog = Gift, Random Weed Drop

Gemstones = Jeweler's House, Random Neighbor's Jeweler's House Drop

Grapevine = Gift, Random Tree Drop

Hammer = Gift, Random Enchantment Drop, Random House Drop

Ink = Gift, No One's Hut, Witch's Hut

Jackhammer = Random from All Rocks and Mines

Knowledge = Any Library, Neighbor's Large Library, Random Neighbor's Library Drop

Leather = Random Animal Drop

Lumber = Gift, Trees, Woodlots

Magic Dust = Gift, Random Enchantment Drop, Random Weed Clearing Drop, Random Neighborly Animal Feedings

Measuring Tools = Hall, Random Neighbor's Hall Drop

Miner's Helmet = Random from All Rocks and Mines

Moon Rocks = Observatory

Nails = Gift, Random No One's Forge Drop, Random Enchantment Drop, Random House Drop

Nectar = Random Crops Drop, Random Neighbor Crops Drop

Nuggets = Random from any Level Mines - Yours or Neighbors (possible Sacrifice of First Born Guinea Pigs)

Paint = Gift, Random Enchantment Drop

Paper = Paper Workshop, Random Neighbor's Paper Workshop

Planks = Lumber Mill, Neighbor's Lumber Mill

Poles = L3 Lumber Mill, Large Lumber Mill, Random Neighbor's Lumber Mill-any Level

Precious Stones = L3 Mine, Large Mine

Quarters = the most random drop in the game.  It can come from any action in the game if you own a bill board.

Rope = Random Enchantment Drop

Salt = Random from All Mines and Rocks (active quest only)

Saw = Gift, Random Enchantment Drop, Random House Drop

Seeds = Gift, Random Crops Drop, Random Neighbor Crops Drop

Shovel = Gift, Random Enchantment Drop, Random House Drop

Spiderweb = Gift, Random House Drop (active quest only)

Stones = Gift, Rocks, Mines, Quarries

Voodoo Doll = Random Ruins Drop

Can't find an item on the list? It may not be a drop item. Try using the search bar at the top of the page.

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