• Part 2 spawns Part 3 and Holy Flying Furballs!
Cat Scratch Post Reward00:00

Cat Scratch Post Reward

Hints and Tips

Part 2

  • If you have belladonna in your inventory you can plant these in advance of the crafting of the one belladona. Don't worry the one you are crafting won't go to waste. You'll need it later. Pixel the Cat is your reward. Scroll down to see what to do with him. Part 2 spawns two quests, Part 3 of the main line and Holy Flying Furballs!

Part 3

  • Don't go wild with the gifting. Do what you need to, because there are later gifts and requests.

Part 4

  • Craft, craft, craft and get another cat for Holy Flying Furballs!

Part 5

  • Craft some more!  Hmm, how many labs do you have?  You'll be wanting to craft 10 more belladonna.

Part 6

  • What timed quest doesn't have the stoning of some Shmoo? And you get your 3rd kitty!

Part 7

  • Feed your own cats and check your own Tree of Peace.
  • The task is actually to sell 7 bricks in your own market. You can sell ones in your inventory without crafting if you have them.

Part 8

  • You didn't think you were making all that strange compound for nothing did you? Yup, Kaya wants more poison. What does she do with it all? If you craft the poison ahead of time in the lab, do not collect it until Quest 8/8 is active or it won't update the quest objective. Completing this quest also gives you the 4th Pixel Cat you need.

Holy Flying Furballs!

The cats come from the other quests. The first is from Part 2, the second from Part 4, the third from Part 6 and the fourth from Part 8. If you find yourself running low on magic dust, stop feeding the adult kitties and concentrate on the others until you can gather more dust. 

IMPORTANT: If you accidentally sell one of the full-grown Pixel Cats, don't worry. You will get more and still be able to finish the quest with the remaining 3.

Flying cat

This little fella wants 3 magic dust and 60 mana every 45 min.

Flying cat adult

pays 12 xp and 120 coins

FC 4

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