Unlock Req's L45
Production Shmoos 1
Harvest Timer 20h
Item +1 Rune, +50xp
Enchant +1 Rune, +1xp

The Fortune-Teller's House was previously available for purchase at L25 but changed with an update in September of 2016 and is now available at L45. It gives Runes.
We are not yet sure what Runes are used for.
It requires a large amount of Mana to begin production.
Look closely at the build requirements and check the Laboratory prior to building the FTH, to make sure you have the necessary buildings for all the materials needed to complete the build req's. Here is the list:

  1. Library
  2. Mine w/L3 Upgrade
  3. Lumber Mill w/L3 Upgrade
  4. Brewery
  5. Paper Workshop