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Frosty Fantasy 1/5

  • Upgrade Grandpa Frost to L3
  • Find (50) Spruce Pinecones by clearing your ground spawn (drops from Blue Spruce count also)
  • Click Neighbors Ruins (10) times

Frosty Fantasy 2/5

  • Grow a Blue Spruce (30) times
  • Get (15) Jingle Bells by casting Jingle Spells on your buildings or Shmoos
  • Clear (15) Snow & Puddles on your own land

Frosty Fantasy 3/5

  • Sell (10) Adult Pigflies
  • Accept Neighbors help on your Ruins, Mysterious Ruins / Flowering Ruins and find (5) Vintage Ornaments
  • Craft (60) Holiday Coins in your WOnder Workshop

Frosty Fantasy 4/5

  • Upgrade Grandpa Frost to L4
  • Get (45) Holiday Coins by crafting in the Wonder Workshop or by harvesting Blue Spruce
  • Enchant Shmoo Houses (20) times

Frosty Fantasy 5/5

  • Find (60) Spruce Pinecones while clearing ground spawn on your own land
  • Spend at least (189) Holiday Coins purchasing decorations in the Store > Featured Goods tab
  • Accept Neighbors help on your Ruins to find (10) Vintage Ornaments

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