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Game Suggestions!

This page will be used ONLY to compile a list of suggestions and requests.
There is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that any of the ideas or suggestions posted here will ever be added to the game!

  • It is VERY rare when a player suggests an idea that is 100% original but hopefully we have some creative genius types that are willing to share their ideas with us!
  • Here is a list of the most common suggestions, so if this is what you came here to suggest, please don't bother. Think of something new and exciting!
    • New Land Expansions (already requested 1 billion times - coming soon(ish) )
    • Let us move animals from pen to pen (Possibly in the future)
    • Give us a counter in the Market so we can sell multiple items at once
    • Add Neighbors names to visiting Avatars
    • Bring back old Timed Quests like the Pond
    • Make buildings smaller
    • Move new Wonder Workshop & Lab items to the first pages so we don't have to click 10x to find them or give us a button that takes ut to the last page with one click
    • A search function in inventory
    • More Warehouse space
    • Let us choose what level of Spell we can craft in the Tower of Magic
    • The ability to send mass requests for an item without having to run out of it first
    • Live Inbox / Giftbox button so we don't have to reload to get gifts & requests
    • Give us the option to share inventory items with our neighbors (Never going to happen)

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If you have a new suggestion, not already showing on this list, please share it with us in the comments section below! No need to sign in or create an account, just post your suggestion! Feel free to leave your name and / or group name as an identifier. Thanks!