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Gone with the Wind! 1/5

  • Harvest (90) Peppermint Bushes
  • Open (15) Crates (Click the "Show" button to find the Snowbanks that have crates! - Hat Trick does NOT work on this, you will need to use 15 of your own keys to open them!)
  • Get (40) Red & Green Lights from the Fairy Dwelling

Gone with the Wind! 2/5

  • Craft (9) Garland in the Wonder Workshop
  • Get (39) Gold Tinsel by accepting Neighbors help with your Shops, Weird Shops and Taverns (the quest "ask for this" button does not request tinsel, don't bother using it)
  • Feed your Moose (20) times

Gone with the Wind! 3/5

  • Craft (20) Feather Keys in the Wonder Workshop
  • Upgrade your Harnessed Sled to L5
  • Spend at least (189) Snowy Pennies at the Store > Featured Goods tab

Gone with the Wind! 4/5

  • Find (279) Snowy Pennies on your land
  • Feed your Phoenixes (79) times
  • Open (12) Festive Gifts

Gone with the Wind! 5/5

  • Harvest (149) Peppermint Bushes on your land
  • Accept Neighbors help on Commercial Buildings to get (49) Gold Tinsel
  • Spend at least (499) Snowy Pennies in the Store > Featured Goods tab

This is the last quest for the adventure, it seems you will continue to get all drops so that you can purchase more items in the Store with Snowy Pennies!

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