NOTE: Game update!!! Sugar and Lollipop drops back into the game. They will now drop even if you have finished the Quest: Sweet Madness 7/7 but will stop dropping upon completion of Quest: Beautify 4/4!

This is how you work with your neighbors to remove Ghosts & Boxes from your land without either of you using any resources!

  1. Set your Hats up in rows of 5
  2. Ask Neighbors to come click a row of Hats
  3. Clear the Hats your Neighbor has clicked (Indicated by the blue glow)
  4. Accept Neighbors help!
  5. Since you already removed the Hat, your Neighbors click will instead remove whatever came out of the Hat!
  • You will get all the items that drop from the Ghosts & Boxes and won't have to craft a bunch of Round Candy, Sweet Pumpkins or Carpenter's Kits!

There are 3 tutorial quests to introduce the Halloween features. The Main quests are broken up into 3 Chapters organized below. The side quests are for upgrading Shmoocula's Castle.

Chapter Spawned Hats Hat Drops Drop details
Hat with a Surprise 1-6 Happy Hat Shabby Box, Tiny Ghost, Friendly Scarecrow

1. Shabby Box needs 1 hammer.

2. Tiny Ghost (needs 6 Gummy Candy) = 5 xp, 10c, 2 Jack-o'-cookies

3. Friendly Scarecrow (needs 6 Gummy Candy) = Friendly Scarecrow for a pen.  Adult Scarecrows give 3 Jack-o'-cookies

Treats for All 1-6 Snarky Hat Sturdy Box, Little Ghost

1. Sturdy Box needs 2 hammers

2. Little Ghost (needs 1 round candy) = 8xp, 15c, 4 jack-o'-cookies

Sweet Madness 1-7 Sneaky Hat

Final Box, Ghost Chief

1. Final Box needs 1 Carpenter Kit

2. Ghost Chief (needs 1 Sweet Pumpkin) = 10xp, 20c, 7 Jack-o'-cookies

How do I get Happy, Snarky & Sneaky Hats??!
The Hats are just like normal ground spawn (Weeds / Trees etc) - They will grow randomly on your land. If you are not seeing them, leave your game idle for 45m to an hour, stay in your own land doing stuff, don't visit neighbors or refresh until that hour is up and then reload the game. Do that a few times and it should kick-start the hats. It requires patience but eventually you will have all you need. In the meantime, you can work on the Shmoocula Castle quest (New Life) and stock up on Gummy Candy, Scarecrows and Jack-o-lanterns from the Halloween Collection (Used to upgrade the Castle). Plenty to do and lots of time to do it in!

Halloween Item Guide
  • Final Box: Pops from Sneaky Hats
  • Friendly Scarecrow: Pops from Hats or crafted in the Wonder Workshop
  • Ghost Chief: Pops from Sneaky Hats
  • Gummy Bush: Seeds in the store
  • Gummy Candy: Drops from harvesting Gummy Bushes
  • Halloween Collection: Found randomly when opening up Halloween Gifts and Any of the 3 Boxes that spawn from the Hats (Shabby, Sturdy or Final Box) - Also drops from last years Ghost House if you have it. (Request Green Fear from inside Ghost House when you run out)
  • Halloween Gift: Crafted in the Wonder Workshop
  • Happy Hat: Ground Spawn from Chapter 1 of the quests
  • Hat with a Surprise: Chapter 1 of the quests
  • Jack-o'-Cookie: Drops from ghosts, Scarecrows you sell and Shmoocula's Castle, clicked wall posts from quests, sometimes from Quest Rewards too
  • Jack-o'-Lantern: Reward from redeeming the Halloween collection
  • Little Ghost: Pops from Snarky Hats
  • Lollipop: Drops when you accept Neighbors help on your Commercial Buildings (Shop, Weird Shop & Tavern) - starting with Chapter 2 Quest: "Treats for All 4/6"
  • Pumpkin: A Crop you grow in your garden bed. 4h grow timer
  • Quest: New Life: Side quests for upgrading Shmoocula's Castle
  • Round Candies: Crafted in the Wonder Workshop
  • Shabby Box: Pops from Snarky Hats
  • Shmoocula's Castle: You are in trouble if you can't find a whole castle. LOL
  • Snarky Hat: Ground spawn from Chapter 2
  • Sneaky Hat: Ground spawn from Chapter 3
  • Sturdy Box: Ground spawn from Chapter 1
  • Sugar: Drops from the Fairy Dwelling at 100% starting at Chapter 2 Quest: "Hat with a Surprise 1/6"- Stops dropping when you complete Sweet Madness 7/7 or Chasing Candy 5/5 (Whichever one you finish last)
  • Sweet Madness: Chapter 3 of the quests
  • Sweet Pumpkin: Crafted in the Wonder Workshop
  • Tiny Ghost: Pops from Happy Hats
  • Treats for All: Chapter 3 of the quests

JackOCookiesItems Purchased with Jack-o-CookiesJackOCookies

In the Store > Featured Goods tab, there are many items you can purchase with Jack-o-Cookies.
Most are just adorable decorations that will give you Magic Experience points
when you place them, but a few will start mini-quests when placed.

Click a Picture to Visit the Quest Details Page

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