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Happy Fish
Available During Quest: Undine's Story
Adult Lvl Level 7
Eats (1) Seed + 30 mana
Adult Harvest 1c + 1xp
Feed Timer 12 minutes
Adult Sell Price Currently gives "Sea Pebbles" used in Undine's Story Quest
Misc Info No longer gives "Chub" when sold, get those from Cat Boxes now
  • Happy Fish were first introduced as part of the Valentines Event 2017 for Quest: I Kiss Your Paws!
  • During the quest they dropped from the Level 4 "Red Cat" • They also gave "Chub" upon being sold, when the Valentine quest was active but no longer give that item and you can instead get Chub randomly when opening Cat Boxes crafted in the Wonder Workshop
  • Happy Fish reappeared for Quest: Undine's Story starting with 2/15
  • During Undine's Story (currently) they gave (1) Sea Pebble when sold
  • Happy Fish can be placed in any Animal Pens
  • Baby Happy Fish is ridiculously cute too and I imagine we will be seeing these as Popup Sales before long