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Hat with a Surprise 1/6

Hat with a Surprise 2/6

  • Place Shmoocula's Castle on your farm (Buy for a cookie in the store)
    Shmooculas castle S

    1 min build timer, 3x3 footprint

  • Collect from the Castle (1) time
  • Click on (6) Happy Hats that have spawned on your farm

Hat with a Surprise 3/6

  • Collect (2) Clay from your Quarry (Enchant!)
  • Have a Wonder Workshop
  • Find (3) Frogs (ground spawn, packages, gifts, free gifts all work)

Hat with a Surprise 4/6

  • Craft (2) Friendly Scarecrows in the Wonder Workshop (collected from ground spawn also counts)
Recipe = 3 min timer
(1) Clay
(2) Frogs
(4) Gummy Candy
  • Sell (4) Adult Scarecrows
  • Spend (29) Jack-o'-cookies on Holiday Decorations in the Store

Hat with a Surprise 5/6

  • Enchant (10) Shmoo Houses
  • Click on (9) Happy Hats that have spawned on your farm
  • Open (2) Shabby Boxes (Click the "Show" button to be taken to the hats that will give you the Shabby Boxes)

Hat with a Surprise 6/6

  • Feed Gummy Candy to (6) Tiny Ghosts
  • Redeem the Halloween Collection (1) time
  • Upgrade Shmoocula's Castle to Level 2 (see the New Life Quest Details)

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