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• All item drops continue until July 8th • You can complete Summer Dream 10/10 and all other quests • You will still get Flames, Feathers etc

Chapter 2 Quest: Here and Now!
begins Saturday, June 24th @ 5pm EDT

(Reset, yes we know it was a surprise to us too.)

Here and Now! 1/3

  • Collect (3) Planks from your Lumber Mill (quest counts number of planks not number of collections)
  • Craft (5) Empty Boxes in the Laboratory
  • Harvest (36) Magic Beans

Here and Now! 2/3

  • Spend 750 Forest Denarii
  • Have neighbors click your Shops (25) times
  • Craft (12) Seedlings in your Laboratory for delivery to Kaya (these will be removed from your inventory upon completion)

PRO TIP! Craft all 33 Red Dream Catchers • After the quest objective updates use them before you sell your Pigflies, so Kaya does not take them upon quest completion!
Here and Now! 3/3

  • Harvest (32) Thoughtful Aconitum
  • Sell (24) Adult Pigflies
  • Craft (33) Red Dream Catchers (Inventory does not count, must make the Red Dream Catchers while this quest is active) 

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