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Hello Charmers! Many of you have a lot of experience, and many of you are new.
This is a Public Service Announcement that pertains to everyone.

We all want more rubies. Unfortunately, there are hackers and spammers who profit from this. You may see offers for anywhere from 5 to 250 or even 1000 free rubies in exchange for liking/sharing a link, or for following a link to take a survey. This is how some of the Scam posts are presented:

These are hoaxes!
Clicking these Links or Videos may make your computer
vulnerable to viruses and may open the door for FB hackers.

Q: How do I avoid these threats?
A: Do not believe anything that is too good to be true. Also, check the page/group you are looking at to verify if it is an active and honest Charm Farm group.

The only way you can get rubies from Charm Farm is via the Official Charm Farm App page:
You should bookmark this page instead of searching for it in the Facebook Search Bar, this will ensure that you are always on the Official page and not some scam page set up to trick you.

♦♦ Free rubies are ONLY given by the Game Developers or Community Managers ♦♦

Q: What do I do after I click one of these links?
A: Take these steps:

  1. Change your Password immediately!
  2. Alert FB security at
    Tell them that your account may have been hacked
  3. Keep an eye on your account for suspicious activity
  4. Also, run any Anti-virus and Malware scanners you have available. You can find a list of free protection software here: Free Anti Virus Software

Q: How Do I report a suspicious post?

  • To report a post click the "Hide" button and then you will get the option to "Report" & then "Block" the person

  • To report a scam page, follow the instructions in the picture below:

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