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These Tutorial Quests will show you how to remove the Ghosts, Boxes and Scarecrows that pop out of the hats on your land.

  • With each new Chapter of the main quest line you will get a different type of hat spawning on your land. They show up just like Trees or Weeds and leaving your game idle without visiting neighbors for 45m to an hour can help kick-start the spawning of the different hats.

Tiny Ghost

  • Buy (6) Gummy Bushes from the store and plant them in garden plots to get Gummy Candy
  • Harvest (6) Gummy Bushes
  • Feed the Tiny Ghost (needs 6 Gummy Candy) to get Jack-o'-cookies

What's in the Box?

  • Harvest (6) Carnivorous Sundew
  • Find (1) Hammer
  • Open a Shabby Box with the Hammer

Friend from the Field

  • Remove a Friendly Scarecrow from your farm (needs 6 Gummy Candy)
  • Feed a Scarecrow (6) times (Place the Friendly Scarecrow from your inventory in a Pen.)
  • Sell (1) Adult Scarecrow to get Jack-o'-cookies (10 mana every 5 min to Level 7 = adult)

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