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Unlock Req's L25
Production Shmoos 2
Harvest Timer 15h
Item 1 Gemstone, 1xp
Enchant Adds +1 Gemstone, +1 xp
Misc Requires +1 Precious Stone to begin Production

The Jeweler's House was initially available at L20, that changed with an update in September of 2016. It is now available for purchase at L25.
Building Tips:

  1. Check Neighbors for a Large Library. These will drop Knowledge each time
  2. You will need a Lumber Mill upgraded to L3 for Poles to make Magic Wand, Poles can sometimes drop from any level Lumber Mill at neighbors but they are very rare. It is faster & easier to run your own Lumber Mill
  3. You will need a Mine L3+ or a Large Mine for Precious Stones that are required to begin Production on the Jeweler's House

  • The Jeweler's House had it's timer reduced from 15h to 5h with a May 2017 update!

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