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Unlock Req's L25
Production Shmoos 2
Harvest Timer 2h
Item 1 Gemstone, 1xp
Enchant Adds +1 Gemstone, +1 xp
Misc Requires +1 Precious Stone to begin Production
  • June 8, 2018 Update • Jeweler's House changes:
  • Jeweler’s House production timer reduced from 5h to 2h
  • Older Change: *The Jeweler's House had it's timer reduced from 15h to 5h with a May 2017 update!

The Jeweler's House was initially available at L20, that changed with an update in September of 2016. It is now available for purchase at L25.
Building Tips:

  1. Check Neighbors for a Large Library. These will drop Knowledge each time
  2. You will need a Lumber Mill upgraded to L3 for Poles to make Magic Wand, Poles can sometimes drop from any level Lumber Mill at neighbors but they are very rare. It is faster & easier to run your own Lumber Mill
  3. You will need a Mine L3+ or a Large Mine for Precious Stones that are required to begin Production on the Jeweler's House

Jewelers HouseP3
Jewelers House V2

Build Req's Updated Aug 4, 2018