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  • This quest begins when you place Mistress of Copper Mountain
  • When you are ready to receive the next Jeweler from A to Z quest, upgrade the Mistress of Copper Mountain
  • You will also receive a crop, Gemstone Shoot, every time you upgrade.
  • Plant and harvest Gemstone Shoots to get random drops of gem seeds that are used in the Wonder Workshop

Animals to grow!

Jeweler from A to Z 1/7

  • Harvest (30) Carnivorous Sundew
  • Sell (10) Stones at Neighbors Market
  • Collect (25) times from your Shacks

Jeweler from A to Z 2/7

  • Sell (12) Adult Pigfly
  • Enchant your Fairy Dwelling (15) times (Use Seasonal Spells or the new Craftsman Inspiration spell for the short duration)
  • Harvest your Quarry (4) times

Jeweler from A to Z 3/7

  • Harvest (30) Magic Beans
  • Craft (10) Carpenter's Kits in your Laboratory
  • Collect (20) times from your Huts

Jeweler from A to Z 4/7

  • Sell (8) Bullies
  • Craft (8) Bricks in your Laboratory
  • Collect from your Mine (10) times

Jeweler from A to Z 5/7

  • Harvest (20) Thoughtful Aconite
  • Get (12) Precious Stones from your Mine or Large Mine (Enchanted counts)
  • Collect from your Clay Houses (15) times

Jeweler from A to Z 6/7

  • Sell (4) Adult Big-Eared Bun
  • Find (3) Copper Nuggets in Mines or Large Mines on your land or at Neighbors -OR- Craft them in the Laboratory
  • Collect (8) times from your Jeweler's House to get Gemstones (Jeweler's House timer reduced to 5h - Enchanted will count as 2)

Jeweler from A to Z 7/7

  • Harvest (25) Poppies on your land
  • Collect from your Hall (7) times (Hall timer reduced to 3h)
  • Craft (3) Rings in the Laboratory (Ring production reduced to 10h - These Rings will be taken upon quest completion)

  • Upgrade Mistress of Copper Mountain to receive the next "Jeweler from A to Z" quest
  • Complete Quest Jeweler from A to Z to receive a new Gemstone Shoot as reward

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