This is the current bug list for the July 27th maintenance. It will be updated as more information comes in. If you have a bug that is not listed, either comment below or contact us.  

Note: Many of the glitches in people's accounts can be fixed with a cache clearing, so that's the first step to fixing their accounts.

Item Status Misc
1. Unable to send bulk requests to neighbors Fixed
2. Language mismatch on gift request screen Fixed
3. Collection pop-ups with each collection instead of every 10 Open
4. Daily ruby link failure for some players Open Possible fix: Ask neighbors to click the link directly from your wall. This seems to work for some people
5. Some players are unable to use all of their shmoos Open
6. Available shmoo count incorrect when visiting neighbors (shows extra available) Open
7. Energy bar when visiting Kaya is in the wrong language Open
8. link no longer works Open
9. Clicking like on the Daily Bonus window takes people to the Russian site Fixed
10. Neighbors not returning to feed animals that were unavailable on the first acceptance. Not an error

This was an intended change related to the new backend update

11. Charm Farm no longer shows as a "Secure" site Open
12.  Highlights of dismissed neighbors still show unless you clear them by hovering on them. Open While waiting for this to be fixed - if you wave your cursor over the persistent glow, that will remove it
13. Black Screen graphics error not fixed by clearing cache Open Not game wide.  This not the usual black screen.  This is one that is persistant and not fixed by refreshing or cache clearing.
14.  Constant Forced reload Errors Possibly fixed Developers tell me they put in an important fix this morning that should resolve this issue, if you continue to get reload errors please take a log and email it to support:  Click here for instructions on taking a log. How to take Support Logs
15. Missing shmoos Open Not game wide.
16. Non-working shmoos Open Not game wide.
17. Persistant hover of item description blocking pop up request window. Open
18. Daily Bonus gives 3 Rubies  then takes them away, or does not give the rubies at all Open
19. The game is not saving properly and time / actions are lost. Open

A MESSAGE FROM THE COMMUNITY MANAGER:  We are working on the issue. Please tell people that we kindly ask players to make a forced reload of the game as soon as they see that the game saving progress disk is not completing a save


New featuresEdit

These are some of the new features to the game we have found. If you find something new, let us know in the comments!

  • Individual animals are highlighted instead of the whole pen, so you can now see exactly which animals are fed.
  • Magic XP and Level XP caps have increased. These are just placeholders. The actual new levels are still to come.
  • New Daily Bonuses for day 3 and day 5 changed to 3 rubies and 10 rubies. Currently, considered temporary, but it would be nice if they decide to keep it!!!
  • The Laboratory is getting a clean up and the recipes are changing order.
  • Some collections have changed the order they appear in too.
  • Collections from the Junior Alchemist set now drop when collecting from your own laboratory.
  • Rubies from contests will now appear as a gift from Kaya in the winner's in-box instead of added directly to their total in the game.
  • Visitors can now take any visitor action even if your shmoo are busy, ie. clear weeds. We suspect this is a temporary bug...

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