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Unlock Req's Available @ Starter Level
Production Shmoos 1
Harvest Timer 24h
Item +3 Knowledge, 80xp
Enchant +1 Knowledge, timer reduction
Misc Requires +3 Books to begin Production

The Large Library is gorgeous!
It is available at any level
If you are a Resource Angel and have 300 Ruby2 to spend, you will want to add this building to your land as it drops Knowledge each time a Neighbor clicks on it when visiting.
The  Large Library has no upgrade levels.

Building Tips:

  1. You will need to gather Paper from your own Paper Workshop or get it as a random drop from Neighbors in order to craft the Books needed for build req's. You will also need +3 Books to begin production
  2. Visiting Tips: if you are going to click on a Neighbors Large Library, please click it first so your visit can be declined. You will still get the Knowledge and anyone who visits after you can get it as well!


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