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Lets Go, Hurry! 1/6

  • Open (2) Christmas Gifts that pop out of the Suspicious Snowbanks
  • Feed your Phoenix (9) times (Phoenix eats 50m + 1 Spruce Pinecone every 8 minutes)
  • Sell (3) Adult Phoenix
  • Note 1: You receive your first Phoenix upon placing the Harnessed Sled
  • Note 2: You will receive another Phoenix for completion of each Quest: Lets Go, Hurry! and upon selling a Phoenix, it will rise from the ashes and land in your inventory!

Lets Go, Hurry! 2/6

  • Sell (10) Adult Pigflies
  • Get (3) Magic Dust (Free Gift, opening packages or random drop)
  • Clear (16) Trees on your own land

Lets Go, Hurry! 3/6

Lets Go, Hurry! 4/6

  • Craft (7) Magic Wands in your Laboratory
  • Enchant your Fairy Dwelling (15) times (Red & Green Lights will now drop from your Fairy Dwelling)
  • Collect (2) Paper from your Paper Workshop (If your Paper Workshop is enchanted, you only need to collect it once to update the objective)

Lets Go, Hurry! 5/6

  • Sell (12) adult Phoenix
  • Harvest (9) Pumpkins on your land (4h Crop)
  • Craft (2) Recipes in your Laboratory

Lets Go, Hurry! 6/6

  • Sell (6) Adult Spruce Goats (Click the "Show" button to find the Spruce Goats - they somehow magically appear in your inventory!)
  • Collect your Clay Houses (12) times
  • Craft (2) Jam in the Laboratory
  • Note 1: The Spruce Goats eat "Holly Berries" that drop from the "Holly" crop, Store > Plants pg 3/6. You can plant these ahead of time so you have the berries on hand to feed the goats.

You will not get any creatures from the boxes until you complete quest New Years Mayhem 5/5, then you will start getting Moose randomly and can upgrade your Sled again

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