This is an upper level quest. You must be a minimum of level 25 to receive this quest. It will give you an additional limited edition animal in the form of the Maneki Neko Sensei

Luck and Wisdom 1/3Edit

  • Sell (35) Snow Drops in your Market
  • Sell (45) Lucky Wooden Coins from the Little Red Flower
  • Have Neighbors sell (80) items in your Market

Luck and Wisdom 2/3Edit

  • Craft a Cozy Stand in your Little Red Flower
  • Sell (25) Lucky Bronze Coins in your Market
  • Sell (75) Snow Drops in your Neighbors' Markets

Luck and Wisdom 3/3Edit

Note: There is an error in the numbering of the quests, currently 3/3 is marked as 2/3
Maneki neko sensei P

Feed 45 mana + 1 Present for 18c and 12 xp per hour

  • Have 2 Cozy stands on your farm
  • Craft a Mankeki-neko Sensei in the Little Red Flower
  • Feed your Maneki-neko Sensei (5) times
Maneki neko sensei

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