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A Discussion about Lumber!

Are you always scrounging for Lumber? I was! I spent so much time trying to get more Lumber I was sick to death of it!
So, I am going to discuss the best ways to keep Lumber woes at bay.

The Large Woodlot:
If you only ever buy one Premium building, this is, without a doubt, the one to get. With large quantities of Lumber a constant need, this one building is a game-changer. All WL have a 45 minute timer but each one gives a different amount of Lumber:

  • Large Woodlot = 160L - 2Shmoos
  • Woodlot:
    L1 = 20L - 1Shmoo
    L2 = 40L - 1Shmoo
    L3 = 60L - 2Shmoo
    L4 = 80L - 2Shmoo

You can see by these numbers, the Large Woodlot gives 2x the Lumber w/the same amt of Time and Shmoos as a L4 Woodlot.

Without Large Woodlot:
If 200 Rubies for the Large Woodlot is not something you want to do:

  • Two L2 Woodlots = 2 Shmoos - 80L every 45 minutes
  • One L4 Woodlot = 2 Shmoos - 80L every 45 minutes

So the L4 would take up half the space and might be the best way to go.
Having multiple woodlots and running them as often as you can, helps tremendously. Even if it's just one L4 and two L2's. Depending on the # of Shmoos and space you have a available but keep in mind -

  • Note 1: A L3 Woodlot is not as efficient as a L2 or L4
  • Note 2: Upgrading a Woodlot to L4 is pretty cheap!
  • Important: Something that has been brought to my attention, in order to upgrade your Woodlot you will need to reach a certain Magic Level:

Upgrade 2: ML 13 Upgrade 3: ML 16 Upgrade 4: ML 19