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  • This Quest is no longer available except via a popup sale that has happened just once

Check out the non-timed May Day Prequel!

Where to find cheat sheet

NOTE: You do not have to purchase the tulips with rubies for these quests. Follow the quests and see how to get them.

Part 1

  • Enchant any of the shop, weird shop or tavern
Shops for tulips
  • Although the quest only asks you to find one red tulip from your shop and harvest two, you might as well start up the shops and get more. This is Nevsoft we are talking about. The shops have a 100% drop rate. Plant the tulips from your inventory, not the store.  However, they are also available in the store for 5 rubies.
Red tulip

1 xp, 1 tulip petal, 80 mana, 4 hour wither

Part 2

  • Have your neighbor come by and drop some purple tulips! The houses have a 100% drop rate when collected by neighbors. In fact, stack a bunch because you will need it for Part 3, 5 and 7 as well.
  • Purple tulips drop from houses and red tulips drop from shops. Same grow and wither time as above.

Part 3

  • The May Bulbs can be crafted in the laboratory.
May bulb

Part 4

  • Selling bulbs in your own market yield one yellow tulip. Selling bulbs in your neighbor's market yields 3 yellow tulips.
  • Sell the bulbs for tulips. Plant 'em from your inventory, not the store. Same grow and wither time as above.
May bulb sales

Part 5

  • Have your neighbors come by first, then see how many tulips you still require for the 12.
  • The Flowers of 3 need one of each petal, so you need at minimum 3 red, 3 purple, and 3 yellow tulips.
Flower of 3 recipe
Flower of 3

Part 6

  • Be sure to collect the marble from your ruin, not your neighbor's for the quest to count it.
  • The Marble Borders are made in the Wonder Workshop from the May Day non-timed quest.
Marble border
Lazy spot

Quest Reward

Part 7

  • Placing the Lazy Spot
Lazy spotP
  • More neighbor clicks!
  • The marble Flowerbeds are made in the Wonder Workshop from the May Day non-timed quest.
Marble flower bed
Lazy spotV

Part 8

  • Upgrading the Lazy Spot to L2.
Lazy spotB

L2 build

Lazy spotPL2

Part 9

  • Business as usual, collect on your shops. Have your neighbors over for tea. Craft in the Wonder Workshop.
Caryatid recipe

Part 10

  • Search any of your own ruins for marble.
  • Another house party with your neighbors.
  • Upgrading the Lazy Spot to L3.
Lazy spotBL3

L3 build

Lazy spotPL3

Part 11

  • The Picnic Tables are made in the Wonder Workshop from the May Day non-timed quest.
Picnic table

Part 12

  • Have 9 visitors click houses.
  • Visit 12 neighbors and click their houses.
  • Upgrade the Lazy Spot to L4.
Lazy spotBL4

L4 build

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