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The Mine is available for purchase at L14.
It gives rocks every 2h - increased by enchanting and +1 if you allow a neighbor to harvest it for you.
You must reach a certain Magic Level in order to upgrade

  • Copper Nuggets Drop Randomly from any level mine on your land or @Neighbors
  • Precious Stones will only drop from your L3+ Mine or Large Mine


ML = Magic Level
Level Req's Cost Timer Payout
L1 1 Shmoo, 100m 2h 10 Rocks
L2 1 Shmoo, 300m 2h 30 Rocks
L3 ML15 1 Shmoo, 600m 2h 60 Rocks, 1 Precious Stone

ML 18

1 Shmoo,   900m 2h 90 Rocks, 2 Precious Stone