Mushroom Season 1/7

  • Craft (3) Spells in your Tower of Magic
  • Collect from Shacks until you receive (5) Swamp Mushrooms
  • Cast Spells until you receive (5) Lava Mushrooms

Note: If you cannot see the new Mushroom Graphics, clear cache and reload the game, this should fix it

Mushroom Season 2/7

  • Plant (4) Lava Mushrooms from inventory
  • (Collect from Shacks until you receive (8) Swamp Mushrooms) -> HARVEST (8) Swamp Mushrooms in your Forest (plant from inventory)
  • Get (2) Red Agaric Mushrooms from harvesting mushrooms on your land or your neighbors' land, from gifts or opening stacks of packages

Mushroom Season 3/7


Mushroom Season 4/7

  • Craft Mushroom Bags in your Wonder Workshop
  • Open a stack of 5 Mushroom Bags (inventory "Consumable Materials" tab)
  • Get (6) Magic Dust when you cast spells, help at Neighbors, as gift or opening packages

Mushroom Season 5/7

Amazing Mushroom Collection
  • Complete and Trade-in the "Amazing Mushroom" Collection to receive animal: Dowl
  • Feed your Dowl (5) times (1 agaric mushroom + 50 mana/20 min)
  • Raise and sell (1) Adult Dowl (sells for 1000c)

Note: Amazing Mushroom Collection pieces can be found when opening "Mushroom Bags"

Mushroom Season 6/7

  • Craft (15) Mushroom Bags in the Wonder Workshop
  • Clear (16) Puddles and Autumn Leaves on your land
  • Raise and sell (2) Adult Dowls

Mushroom Season 7/7

  • Grow any (35) Mushrooms
  • Clear (24) Puddles or Autumn Leaves at neighbors
  • Raise and sell (3) Dowls

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