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Please note that the Mustachioed Stump quest is timed ONLY for the first 2 quests. There is no time limit on the rest of the Mustachioed quest.  The secondary quest can be found here: Enchant the Stump.

Mustachioed Stump 1/10Edit

  • Chop down (5) of your trees
  • Find (1) Ice Cream Bush by collecting on one of your ruins
  • Harvest (1) Ice Cream Bush

Mustachioed Stump 2/10Edit

  • Dig up (10) of your Mushrooms
    • 1 min build timer
    • 1 hr 5 min timer
  • Place the stump in your farm (from your inventory)
  • Collect from the Mustachioed Stump (1) time
Mustachioed stump invent

Mustachioed Stump 3/10Edit

  • Find (5) Ice Cream Bushes in your Ruins
  • Gift (3) Ink to your neighbors
  • Collect (5) Grapevine from trees or as a gift

Mustachioed Stump 4/10Edit

Mustachioed Stump 5/10Edit

  • Have your neighbors feed your Pigflies (15) times
    • 10 min build timer
  • Craft (3) Strange Compound in the Laboratory
  • Upgrade the Mustachioed Stump to Level 2

Mustachioed Stump 6/10Edit

Mustachioed Stump 5 releases 2 quests. The second quest can be found here: Enchant the Stump

  • Sell (50) Forest Ice Cream in your Market
  • Have your friends feed your Pigflies (50) times
  • Feed your neighbors Piglies (35) times

Mustachioed Stump 7/10Edit

  • Find plants by having your neighbors feed your Pigflies (30) times
  • Water (20) withered crops in your garden
  • Collect from (36) Shmoo houses on your neighbors' farms

Mustachioed Stump 8/10Edit

  • Sell (10) Horns and Hooves at Neighbors Market
    • L3 Build Req's
    • L3 Production
  • Have Neighbors feed (40) Pigflies
  • Upgrade Stump to L3

Mustachioed Stump 9/10Edit

  • Sell (45) Ice Cream at Neighbors Market
  • Sell (20) Pigflies
  • Craft (10) Carpenter Kits
  • NOTE: You will receive a Miracle Rose for completion of this quest. Leave it in inventory if you have not yet finished Quest: Beauty Rules the World

Mustachioed Stump 10/10Edit

  • Have Neighbors Feed your Pigflies (75) times
    • L4 Build Req's
    • L4 Production
  • Send Neighbors gifts (45) times
  • Upgrade Mustachioed Stump to L4

Mustachioed Stump: EndEdit

  • Sell (50) Forest Ice Cream in your Market
    • Level 5 Build
  • Upgrade the Mustachioed Stump to Level 5
  • Collect (60) Bushes by having your Neighbors feed your Pigflies

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