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Nearby Wonders 1/5Edit

  • Chop down (4) Trees
  • Buy a Circus Tent (500c under the Structures tab in the store)
  • Collect (6) Happiness Recipes from your Mana Sources. They have a 100% drop rate! (gifts count too)

Nearby Wonders 2/5Edit

  • Harvest (8) Carnivourus Sundew
  • Craft Happy Rakes in the Circus Tent (1) time (each crafting yields 2 rakes)
  • Clear (4) Moss from your farm (Happy Rakes are required to do this)
Happy rake

Nearby Wonders 3/5Edit

  • Collect (20) Happiness recipes from your Mana Sources or gifts
  • Clear (8) Moss from your farm
  • Chop down (15) Trees on your farm

Nearby Wonders 4/5Edit

  • Upgrade your Circus Tent to Level 2
  • Clear (16) Moss
  • Send (3) Gifts to your neighbors
Circus tent P1

Nearby Wonders 5/5Edit

  • Craft (1) Gift from the Circus in your Circus Tent
  • Open (1) Gift from the Circus (sets of 5)
  • Clear (20) Moss from your farm
Gifts from the circus

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