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The New Life Quests are the quests to upgrade Shmoocula's Castle. They begin once your Shmoos have completed the construction of the Castle.  Each level you upgrade releases the next quest.  There are no build material costs.

New Life 1/7

Shmooculas castle P1
  • Find (3) Agaric Mushrooms (ground spawn, packages, gifts and free gifts all count)
  • Harvest (30) Carnivorous Sundew
  • Collect on any of your Ruins (2) times

New Life 2/7

Shmooculas castle P2
  • Dig up (35) of your weeds
  • Find (4) Magic Dust
  • Sell any (10) Items at your Neighbors' Markets

New Life 3/7

  • Craft (6) Strange Compounds in your Laboratory
  • Feed your Birds of Happiness (12) times
  • Find (5) Grapevines (Trees, packages, gifts and free gifts all count)

New Life 4/7

  • Get (6) Ink from your Witch's Hut or as a Gift from Neighbors
  • Get (4) Poles from your Lumber Mill
  • Collect (4) Firewater from your Brewery

New Life 5/7

  • Collect (4) Paper from your Paper Workshop (Enchanted Counts)
  • Harvest (20) Pumpkins from your garden
  • Craft (3) Magic Wands in your Laboratory

New Life 6/7

  • Collect (3) Knowledge from your Library (Enchanted Counts)
  • Raise and Sell (16) Bullies
  • Craft (3) Recipes in the Laboratory

New Life 7/7

  • Grow (15) Mandragora in your garden
  • Collect from your Cabins (10) times
  • Craft (5) Living Water in your Laboratory

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