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You will not get any creatures from the boxes until you complete quest New Years Mayhem 5/5

New Years Mayhem 1/5

  • Place the Harnessed Sled on your land (Purchase in Store > 1k coins > Featured Goods tab)
  • Clear (5) Suspicious Snowbanks
  • Harvest (15) Peppermint Bush (these wither in 30 mins so keep an eye on them!)
  • NOTE: Placing the Harnessed Sled will give you your first Phoenix to place in an animal pen

New Years Mayhem 2/5

  • Collect from your Harnessed Sled (2) times
  • Find (18) Spruce on your Land (by clearing ground spawn or harvesting Blue Spruce)
  • Get (5) Magic Dust (Open packages, Free Gift or random drop)

New Years Mayhem 3/5

  • Have a Wonder Workshop
  • Craft (2) Feather Keys in the Wonder Workshop
  • Feather Key Recipe:
(2) Grapvine
(3) Phoenix Feather
(5) Peppermint Candy Cane
  • Open (5) Boxes with Feather Keys (You won't actually find any creatures but just opening them will update the quest objective)

New Years Mayhem 4/5

  • Upgrade your Harnessed Sled to L2
  • Find (60) Spruce Pinecones in your forest
  • Find (40) Snowy Pennies in your forest
  • Note: Snowy Pennies can drop randomly from Phoenix, Clearing Suspicious Snowbanks or opening Festive Presents / creature boxes that pop out of them and when collecting your Harnessed Sled

New Years Mayhem 5/5

  • Sell (8) Adult Phoenixes
  • Open (8) Creature Boxes with Feather Keys crafted in the Wonder Workshop
  • Spend at least (80) Snowy Pennies in the Store > Featured Goods tab

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