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Pixel the Cat
Available During Timed Quest: Flying Cats
Adult Lvl Level 10
Eats 60 mana, 3 Magic Dust
Lvl 10 Harvest 120c, 12xp
Feed Timer 45 minutes
Misc Info Now only available via random Popup Sales
  • Pixel the Cat is undoubtedly the most famous of all cats in Charm Farm, maybe even one of the most famous characters of all.
  • He is featured in many graphics, he flies around our land, getting in the way of crop harvesting! He even searched for love during our Valentines event of 2017.
  • He first came to visit our farms as an animal we could place in a pen during Timed Quest: Flying Cats, he also made an appearance as one of the free gifts that could drop randomly during the Charm Farm Birthday Celebration Quest: Cake Crazy but these days the only way to get him is via random Popup Sales.
  • To see more pictures of Pixel the Cat - even as a baby kitty, check out the Cake Crazy Page >> Here

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