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  • This Quest is no longer available
Fall fest splash
Autunm has arrived in the Enchanted Forest!
You'll receive a few Kaya's Gems and maybe some Fall Seasonal spells in the rewards.  There are 2 builds for this quest, the Rowan Tree and the Cider for Everybody Fountain.  The quests are broken into 2 sets of tabs.  Scroll down for the second set.  Time for the Fruit Extravaganza!

The Rowan TreeEdit

The rowan tree

Rowan Tree Build Rowan Tree Production
L1 tree provided as quest reward

Level 2 req


Level 3 req


Level 4 req


Level 5 req


FE 117
  • Enchant 3 Shacks
  • Find 3 Baskets of Mushrooms (click pretty much anything-houses, animals, weeds, mushrooms etc)
  • Sell 3 Nectar in YOUR market

FE 217
  • Plant the Rowan Tree from your inventory
  • Enchant the Rowan Tree
  • Collect 3 Korovais from the Rowan Tree
FE 217deal

FE 317
  • Have 8 Baskets of Mushrooms
  • Harvest 6 Magic Beans
  • Find 3 Apples in a Neighbors' forest

FE 417
FE 417deal
FE 517R

+100 MP


FE 517
  • Visit 12 of your Neighbors' Houses
  • Collect 15 Korovais
  • Have 20 Baskets of Mushrooms
FE 517deal

FE 617
  • Upgrade the Rowan Tree to Level 3
  • Enchant 3 Shmoo
  • Gift 5 Apples
FE 617deal
FE 617R


FE 717
  • Feed your neighbors' Pigflies 20 times
  • Craft 5 Viands in the Wonder Workshop
  • Collect from the Rowan Tree 3 times
FE 717deal

FE 817
  • Find 20 Apples in your neighbors' forests
  • Harvest 8 Thoughtful Aconitum
  • Upgrade the Rowan Tree to Level 4
FE 817deal

  • Have 25 Baskets of Mushrooms (once the task turns green, you can use the mushrooms to craft with or lose them on completion of the quest)
  • Collect 25 Korovais
  • Collect on the Tree of Peace 2 times

FE 1017
  • Sell 15 Adult Pigflies
  • Receive 25 Gifts
  • Upgrade the Rowan Tree to Level 5

The Cider for Everybody FountainEdit

Cider fountain text
Cider fountain

Cider for Everyone Build Cider for Everyone Production
L1 Cider for Everyone provided as quest reward
Cider for everybodyP

Level 2 req

Cider for everybodyP2

Level 3 req

Cider for everybodyB4

Level 4 req

Cider for everybodyP4

FE 1117
  • Place the Cider for Everyone Fountain found in your inventory
  • Have neighbors collect from 5 houses
  • Collect Rowanberry Juice from the L5 Rowan Tree (Place the Fountain first to trigger juice production)

FE 1217
  • Craft 2 Magical Cider (35 min)
  • Sell 3 Adult Bullies
  • Have neighbors collect from 6 houses
Cider recipe

  • Upgrade the Cider Fountain to L2
  • Collect from the Cider Fountain (1) time
  • Send (10) Apples to Neighbors

  • Collect (6) times from No One's Forge
  • Allow (15) Neighbors to collect from your Houses
  • Sell (25) items at YOUR Market

FE 1517
  • Upgrade the Fountain to Level 3
  • Dig up 10 items at your neighbors' farm
  • Have neighbors collect from 15 of your houses
FE 1517deal

FE 1617
  • Collect from 8 of your Shops, Weird Shops or Taverns
  • Have neighbors collect from your houses 20 times
  • Sell in your neighbors' markets 25 times

FE 1717
  • Enchant 15 Shmoo
  • Have neighbors collect from the Cider for Everybody Fountain 5 times
  • Upgrade the Fountain to level 4

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