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  • This Quest is no longer available

Serenade 1/4Edit

Serenade 2/4Edit

NOTE: The Sacks include a chance at Heartasaurus, so don't jump straight to crafting those. Open some sacks first to see what you get.

  • Open (30) Sacks with Gifts
  • Feed your Heartosaurus (40) times
  • Sell (10) Heartosaurus

Serenade 3/4Edit

  • Open (50) Sacks with Gifts
  • Feed (70) of your Neighbors' Heartosauri
  • Sell (20) Heartosauri

Serenade 4/4Edit

  • Open (80) Sacks with Gifts
  • Have your Neighbors feed your Heartosauri (80) times
  • Sell (32) adult Heartosauri

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