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You must complete Flashing Fireflies 4/4 & Core of Concentration Quest to receive Shards of Antiquity quest.

Shards of Antiquity 1/4

  • Collect your Mana Sources (25) times
  • Harvest (24) Wild Dandelions on your land
  • Find (8) St. Johns Wort when clearing any ground spawn on your land

Shards of Antiquity 2/4

  • Send (15) Gifts to your Neighbors
  • Craft (4) Carpenter's Kits in your Laboratory
  • Feed your Blooming Lions (36) times
Completion of 2/4 Triggers Quest: More Concentration
See tab above for details

Shards of Antiquity 3/4

  • Harvest (36) Wild Dandelions
  • Craft (84) Elixir of Bravery in the Wonder Workshop (Since you get 3 Elixirs with each craft, you actually only need to craft 28 times)
  • Collect your Quarry (5) times

Shards of Antiquity 4/4

  • Clear (12) Trees on your land
  • Craft (10) Bricks in the Laboratory (These will be removed from your inventory upon quest completion)
  • Sell (22) Adult Blooming Lions
IMPORTANT!! If you do not have a Druse of Concentration and do not plan on buying one - stop here! Do not finish Quest 4/4. Once you reach Chapter 3, you will no longer get Lion or Wort to drop until you have a Druse on your land!
You must complete 4/4 & More Concentration Quest in order to receive Chapter 3


More Concentration!

  • Feed your Neighbors Blooming Lions (24) times (This will still use Elixir of Bravery)
  • Accumulate (6) Crystal Shards by selling Crystals of Concentration
    • Just like in the first reward quest, make sure you get all 6 Crystal Shards before using any to craft Energy Concentrate or the quest objective #'s will decrease
  • Craft (12) Energy Concentrate in the Wonder Workshop (Kaya will remove these automatically upon quest completion)
    • Reward = Another Core of Concentration (600 mana / 2x2 size)


  • Core of Concentration =
    • Lions = 60
    • Elixirs = 480/3 = 160
    • Frogs = 160
    • Wort = 160
    • Firefly = 540
    • 12 Crystal Shards = Sell 6 Crystals of Concentration

  • It takes 1 Shmoo & 1 Minute to build

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