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  • This Quest is no longer available

Shmoo school

Build Req Production
Provided by quest reward
Forest schoolP1
Forest schoolB2

Build L2 Req

Forest schoolP2
Screenshot 17

Build L3 Req

Screenshot 19
Forest schoolB4

Build L4 Req

Forest schoolP4

Shmoo school 1 of 11
  • Sell 5 items in YOUR market
  • Harvest any 7 crops
  • Enchant 3 Shacks

Shmoo school 2 of 11
  • Place the School
    Forest school


  • Enchant the School
  • Gather 5 grades by clearing puddles, trees or autumn leaves
Shmoo school 2 of 11deal

Shmoo school 3 of 11
  • Have neighbors click on your Houses to get Hints
  • Collect from the Fairy Dwelling to get Beakers (random drop)

NOTE: Gifts count!

  • Get Grades by clearing YOUR NEIGHBORS' puddles, trees and autumn leaves
NOTE: Error in text. Task three must be done at your neighbors.
Shmoo school 3 of 11error
Shmoo school 3 of 11deal

Shmoo school 4 of 11
Shmoo school 4 of 11deal
Good grades

Shmoo school 5 of 11
  • Have your Neighbor click on your Houses 20 times for hints
  • Gift 5 Beakers to your Neighbors
  • Upgrade the Forest School to Level 2
Shmoo school 5 of 11deal

Shmoo school 6 of 11
  • Have Neighbors feed your animals or DRAGONS to get 30 hints
  • Gather 15 Grades by clearing puddles, trees, and autumn leaves
  • Get 1 Good Grades by collecting from the Forest School or craft one in the Wonder Workshop
Shmoo school 6 of 11deal

Shmoo school 7 of 11
  • Have Neighbors feed your animals or DRAGONS to get 40 hints
  • Clear 25 items of puddles, trees, or autumn leaves at your Neighbors' Farms
  • Craft 3 A+ in the Wonder Workshop
Shmoo school 7 of 11deal

  • Have Neighbors Feed (50) Animals or DRAGONS to get 50 Hints
  • Get (20) Beakers - (Fairy Dwelling, Gifts, Requests)
  • Upgrade the Forest School to L3 - see first tab for build req's!

Screenshot 18
  • Have Neighbors click 35 Houses
  • Sell 4 adult Pigflies
  • Craft 3 A+ grades in Forest school or the Wonder Workshop (Given that you can enchant the Forest School and run it on mana, it's probably a better bet.)
Shmoo school 9 of 11deal

Screenshot 21
Shmoo school 10 of 11deal
  • Have Neighbors feed your animals 45 times
  • Get 3 A+ by running your Forest School (don't forget to enchant for multiple drops!)
  • Craft 3 Mortar Boards in the Wonder Workshop
Mortarboard recipe

Screenshot 22
Shmoo school 11 of 11deal
  • Have Neighbors click your Houses 60 times
  • Craft any 10 items in the laboratory
  • Upgrade the Forest School to Level 4

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