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Sir Fluffadil
Available During Quest: Easter Event 2015
Adult Lvl Level 10
Eats 40 mana, 1 Frog
Lvl 10 Harvest 75c, 15xp
Feed Timer 3 hours
Adult Sell Price 1,500c
Misc Info Available via random Popup Sales
  • Sir Fluffadil can be placed in any Animal Pens
  • He was first introduced to us during Easter Event 2015 and now sometimes shows up in a Popup Sale
  • Sir Fluffadil was created by a player from the Russian platform for Charm Farm. My understanding is they won a contest and their creation - Sir Fluffadil was added to the game! Pretty cool :) - the Slideshow below will show you the winning entry and the concept drawings made by Charm Farms Artists
  • Winning entry by a Russian Charm Farm player

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