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Snore-fu Panda 1/3

  • Harvest (24) Heather on your land
  • Collect from Snore-fu Panda (8) times
  • Collect from your Mana Sources (24) times

Snore-fu Panda 2/3

  • Collect from Snore-fu Panda (8) times
  • Enchant Snore-fu Panda (12) times
  • Feed your Birds of Happiness (24) times

Snore-fu Panda 3/3

  • Accept Neighbors help on Snore-fu Panda (8) times
  • Harvest (24) Heather
  • Enchant your Shmoos (16) times (Use Seasonal spells for short duration so they can get back on task faster!)

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